Our Portfolio

We are pleased to be working on the following projects. Additionally we are working on Redesigning the Catalyst Site for better Responsive Web Design. This site was actually designed a few years ago and could use a total redesign. We can't wait to showcase it. We want to add you to our upcoming portfolio.

Sitename Website Project Description
Troubled Biologist An Inspiring Website For Change Many species are threatened by the loss of habitat and we want to do our part protecting wildlife. The goal of this website is to provide the latest news and announcements in Nature Conservancy, Animals, Animal Rescue, Animal Research, Science, and to raise money for non-profit websites. We are currently designing the website with a Twitter Bootstrap theme. Money raised will be with Crowd Funding Ideas. We really like Crowdsourced Funding, the Collaborative Economy, and what it can do for charities, people, and organizations by raising money with the Crowd or lend money, as with Kiva.org. We hope to help raise money for charities like The Nature Conservancy, World Wildlife Funds, and other Nature and Animal related non-profits. We recently worked for an organization that raised funds for Microfinance Loans. This funding was then lent out through Kiva.org. We hope to develop more on these ideas. The website will be similar in theme to Treehugger, but for animals.
BioPharmaInvestor BioPharma Investor Blog A Stock investment blog focused on the Biotech and Pharmaceutical market. Plans are to launch a digital magazine with mobile apps, mobile design, wordpress blog.
Catalyst Website Redesign Exciting Websites Are Coming Soon! We have a ton of ideas and are currently Redesigning the Catalyst Web Designs website with a new Responsive Skeleton Framework. Learn more at GetSkeleton.com, an MIT Web Development Framework for Responsive Web Design. We can't wait to showcase our new Redesign soon. We will post progress of the Redesign on our Blog.